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A Very Merry Byteconf: our first holiday giveaway
1 min read

A Very Merry Byteconf: our first holiday giveaway

A Very Merry Byteconf: our first holiday giveaway

Our community has grown a TON in the first year of Byteconf, and to celebrate, we've partnered up with a ton of great folks in the frontend web development community to give away all kinds of exciting products and subscriptions to help you jumpstart your web dev career – over $2000 in prizes!

I'm thrilled to be announcing Byteconf's first giveaway: "A Very Merry Byteconf".

We're giving away a ton of incredible stuff, thanks to some of our friends and favorite companies in the web dev community.

Three lucky winners will get one of each above prize, and a shout out on our social media pages!

The deadline for signing up is December 31st, 2018.

Don't miss it - join now!

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