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The new normal: bringing Null Safety to your Flutter apps
1 min read

The new normal: bringing Null Safety to your Flutter apps

The tech preview for Null safety for Dart was just announced and will be available in Flutter before the end of the year.

This talk will cover how to best make use of this great new language feature in your Flutter apps and when using Dart packages and Flutter plugins.

The talk will start by covering the basics of what null-safety is in Dart, why its needed and comparing it to similar features in other languages to help audience members who may not be familiar with Dart or the general concept of null safety. Then I'll present the key features of null safety in Dart. After that I'll look as how null safety is useful when using the Flutter framework, how to opt in and out of it for Dart libraries. Finally I'll look at what are the impacts of using null safety with packages that do and don't support it.

The talk will include lots of small code snippets to give the audience practical information they can take away to use immediately in their own Flutter code bases.