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Rewatch Byteconf React 2020 on YouTube
1 min read

Rewatch Byteconf React 2020 on YouTube

Rewatch Byteconf React 2020 on YouTube

On May 1st-2nd, Byteconf React, a free two-day remote React conference, went live on the Bytesized YouTube channel.

One of my favorite parts of Byteconf is making the talks available after the conference for people to re-watch for years after the conference ends. Many of my favorite talks have taken on lives of their own after a Byteconf event (such as Jason Lengstorf's Build Your First Portfolio Site With Gatsby at Byteconf JavaScript in 2019).

With the conference over (expect a recap soon), it's time to make those talks available. Check out the Byteconf React 2020 playlist below, which will include all the talks from the conference, as well as a full archive of both days of the livestream.

While you check out the talks, consider joining our Discord, and chatting with Byteconf attendees. There's a few hundred of us hanging out there, and I'd love to see you there!

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