Byteconf React 2020

Byteconf React is a 100% free single-day conference with the best React speakers and teachers in the world. Conferences are great, but flights, hotels, and tickets are expensive, so not everyone can go. Byteconf is streamed on YouTube, for free, so anyone and everyone can attend. RSVP to receive your free ticket, and we'll enter you in our free monthly giveaway, with a chance to receive a free 45+ hour React course from Udemy. See you on May 1st!

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Kent C. Dodds

Shawn Wang


Ali Spittel

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Interested in speaking?

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Bytesized Code's mission is to build a diverse community of programmers from around the world, and our Byteconf conferences are no different. Whether you're a first-time speaker, or a seasoned conference circuit veteran, we'd love to have you speak at Byteconf! Check out our Call For Papers below, to learn more about how Byteconf works, and submit your talk!

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