Byteconf Meets... Nader Dabit

Byteconf sits down with Nader Dabit, AWS Developer Advocate and host of React Native Radio, to talk about React Native, AWS Amplify, and more!


Nader Dabit
Nader Dabit



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Building Real-time Offline-ready Mobile Applications with React Native & AWS


Nader Dabit


AWS AppSync is a serverless GraphQL service that allows developers to quickly & easily create & deploy GraphQL APIs with features like offline functionality, subscriptions, first class support for user authorization & fine grained access control as well as user-authentication.

Building your own real-world, secure & scalable GraphQL API can be painful & a lot of work. With AppSync, entire GraphQL APIs including schema, resolvers, and databases are configured automatically and instantly through either the AWS Amplify CLI or the AWS console, abstracting away much of the complexity traditionally involved with setting up a new GraphQL backend.

In this talk, I’ll demonstrate and discuss the more interesting and powerful functionality that AppSync offers and do so in a way that developers will walk away with a confident understanding of how AppSync works and can be extended to help them in their day to day.

We'll also create & connect to a real AppSync API in a demo to demonstrate what we discussed in the talk in a live coding exercise.

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