· Oslo, Norway

This is the first ever JAMstack Oslo meetup. We are going live! We plan on having a monthly meetup every month on the last Tuesday. During this meetup a presenter will talk about a specific topic. This meetup will also be live-streamed on byteconf.com’s Twitch.


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Introducing the Gatsby Remark Oembed Plugin

Benedicte Raae


Benedicte Raae is the developer behind the Gatsby Remark Oembed Plugin, which lets you easily embed links from twitter, instagram, youtube, vimeo, soundcloud etc. on your Gatsby site.

How to use Gatsby in the age of structured content

Espen Hovlandsdal


Gatsby promises “blazing fast, modern, secure, and beautiful websites”, but how does it actually work? And how do you use it with structured content from a headless CMS? In this talk, the lead developer for the Gatsby source plugin for Sanity.io, Espen Hovlandsdal, will show you how to get started, how to configure the source plugin, and how to deploy it on Netlify with triggered rebuilds. He will also present some key takeaways from building a source plugin.

JAMstack Oslo - January 2019

Oslo, Norway

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