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IoT with JS (?!?!) - A Gentle Introduction to IoT
1 min read

IoT with JS (?!?!) - A Gentle Introduction to IoT

In this talk, we will be getting our hands dirty the Raspberry Pi and Node.js. Together, we will be writing a program to visualize sound levels on the web in real time. With Node on a Raspberry Pi, we will listen to a sound sensor and then send that data to a webpage so we can visualize the data live! Sounds cool right? In this talk, we will cover:

  • WebSockets: Okay, first of all, what are WebSockets? Well, WebSockets is a technology, based on the ws protocol, that makes it possible to establish a continuous full-duplex connection stream between a client and a server. A typical websocket client would be a user’s browser, but the protocol is platform independent. It is the closest API to a raw network socket in the browser.
  • How to setup Node.js on a Raspberry Pi
  • Connecting sensors to a Rasperry Pi and reading the inputs with Node.

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