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Immersive cross-platform AR & VR User Experience using React-Native
1 min read

Immersive cross-platform AR & VR User Experience using React-Native

"React is a library to build intuitive User Interfaces" as quoted in official React documentation. The past few decades of computing have been limited to flat 2D screens. However, the rise of AR/VR means that society will soon move beyond the screen: where the UI won’t be a flat piece of glass but the 3D spaces in which we live & move around. Since the inception of React, there have been multiple React-Renderer being made by community, One of them is ViroReact, a platform for Native AR/VR. The aim of Talk is to inspire attendees to create immersive, lag free cross-platform content using ViroReact. The talk tries to optimize the complex pathway to learn AR/VR into a linear one by laying the foundation of basic principles of AR/VR UIs and Illusions(Plausibility, Place & Embodiment).

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