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Endangered Language Revitalization with Flutter

We are currently in danger of losing hundreds of endangered languages spoken across the world. One of the major forces driving this cultural erasure is the lack of linguistic diversity present in media and technology, particularly with technology geared towards children who are in the key stages of language acquisition and represent the future of their linguistic community.

I am a computer science and philosophy student at the University of Southern California with a background in language acquisition research. This summer I received a funded fellowship from my university to use Flutter to work on language preservation problems I have been studying with a professor of linguistics at the university. I am spending this summer creating games geared towards young children in several target endangered language areas. These will ultimately be modular, so after testing they can be re-deployed across the globe in a variety of linguistic environments.

My work has shown me the immense power of Flutter both as a framework and community. In my talk, I will go into how I was able to leverage the wealth of features Flutter has to offer, and additionally reflect on the unique aspects of Flutter which make it so well-suited for people looking to serve social good---with or without an extensive technical background.

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