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Delaying Byteconf Season Two

Delaying Byteconf Season Two

Quick note to accompany the newsletter going out tomorrow morning – I'm delaying Byteconf Season Two until the beginning of 2020.

I announced that planning for the new version of Byteconf had begun at the beginning of August, but as the first week of September rolls by, I'm finding that it's taking a little bit longer for me than I thought it would to get back into the planning of recurring meetups, including all the low-level coordination and streaming details.

In addition, I haven't done a great job of building momentum for the upcoming streams. Byteconf React (the first Byteconf) had a lot of great pre-conference content, and it made a huge impact on the audience size when conference day came around. Instead of hoping that momentum like that can just appear out of nowhere, I want to systematize it, and have the time to make sure the next event is a success.

I've decided to take another couple months to continue building out a gameplan for what Byteconf looks like in 2020 (saying that is a little wild to me – we're almost in 2020!?), and during that time, you might see a few changes to the branding around Byteconf. If you're on the mailing list, you know that my programming YouTube channel, Bytesized Code, has merged with the Byteconf mailing list, to provide a weekly source of programming resources and content.

In a similar way, I'm going to take the next couple months to merge everything together – that is, the Twitter account, the YouTube channel, even the website – into a single source of truth: Bytesized Code. Byteconf will be a production of Bytesized Code, and when we're in-between events, this will allow me to still have a place to share new content and teach folks.

Truth be told, I'm slightly nervous about it, but I think it's the right move long-term. I've been thinking about doing it since the beginning of this year, and the fact that I still haven't been able to talk myself out of it means that I think I should move forward with it!

With that – thanks for your patience, and I look forward to showing the Byteconf/Bytesized Code community what I'm planning for Byteconf in 2020. <3

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