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Crossplatform ² — let's make Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform friends

During the workshop you’ll know how to integrate Flutter application with Kotlin Multiplatform library and what benefits can you get. We’ll also look at pitfalls you probably will encounter.

To join the workshop, the participant must have quite a good imagination, because the setting is very unusual.

You, as a developer, should write a cross-platform mobile application for one well-known service. In the process of studying materials and artifacts, it turns out that the entire entity service layer is already implemented with Kotlin Multiplatform and packaged into a library module. The customer insists that the mobile app should be developed on Flutter. Should I quit immediately or is it a dream project? What are the pitfalls to be found on my road? How many different languages ​​will the developer know after the project completion? You will learn this and even much more during the workshop.

The workshop will be useful to absolutely everyone who knows how to write code and who is also interested in mobile development trends.

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