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Byteconf JavaScript 2019
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Byteconf JavaScript 2019

Byteconf JavaScript 2019

Byteconf JavaScript is a 100% free two-day conference with the best JavaScript speakers and teachers in the world. Conferences are great, but flights, hotels, and tickets are expensive, so not everyone can go. Byteconf is streamed on Twitch, for free, so anyone and everyone can attend.

Watch the full conference on YouTube!

Byteconf JavaScript 2019
Byteconf JavaScript 2019 brings the best JS speakers around the world to your home! Conferences are great, but flights, hotels, and tickets are expensive, so...


The Powers of CSS-in-JS
In this talk, we will discuss the powers of CSS-in-JS libraries. We’ll cover areas such as sass-like nesting, scoped styles, theming, and conditional styles using one of the popular libraries called styled-components. By the end of the talk, you’ll understand how CSS-in-JS libraries work to empower …
5 Ways to Do Machine Learning from the Browser with React
In this session, we will examine 5 different ML API’s offered by AWS to do things like synthesize speech to text, translate English to French, or even analyze text for sentiment analysis and more. To take advantage of these API’s all you need is basic knowledge of how to use API’s and a UI to call t…
Advanced Single Page App Authentication
At the end of 2018, the OAuth working group released a new best current practices (BCP) document which recommended developers no longer implement the Implicit Grant Authorization Flow and instead implement the Auth Code with PKCE Authorization Flow. Unfortunately, the majority of Single Page Applica…
Ask What AI Can Do for You
Today is the day you build a neural net in Javascript. You, Javascript Developer, are uniquely positioned to build AI-powered tools accessible to a wider audience. Learn how to build and train a neural net in your browser, and leverage the power of artificial intelligence in your apps.
Falling in love with async-await
Async-await even though is called as syntactic sugar, is much more. It enables many of the classic design pattern which were reserved for synchronous code not with async ones. Some ideas that were too complicated to implement with synchronous code are very easy with async. It has given new definitio…
IoT with JS (?!?!) - A Gentle Introduction to IoT
In this talk, we will be getting our hands dirty the Raspberry Pi and Node.js. Together, we will be writing a program to visualize sound levels on the web in real time. With Node on a Raspberry Pi, we will listen to a sound sensor and then send that data to a webpage so we can visualize the data liv…
Securing Node.js APIs with JWT
Authentication is one of the big parts of every application. Security is always something that is changing and evolving. In this talk, I will cover what JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) are and why using JWTs in our NodeJS applications when it comes to security is awesome. Setting up an authentication layer i…
Service Workers: Transforming your App into a Progressive Web Application
What if we could build a web application which auto-magically works across various devices and platforms? Thanks to Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), this dream has now come true. PWAs use modern web capabilities to provide a user experience similar to that of mobile applications. PWAs make use o…
Web Components at Enterprise Scale
Over the last several years many JavaScript frameworks emerged. Each became their own language for web development. On the other side are web components, based on web platform APIs baked into the browsers, offering the capability to write your own custom and reusable HTML tags. We’ll look in this se…
Build Your First Portfolio Site With Gatsby
Showcasing your work on the internet is often the first impression you’ll make when applying for jobs, attracting clients, or growing your network. It’s extremely important that your site makes a good first impression. But who has the time to build a stand-out portfolio? In this session, you’ll lear…
How ‘Forbidden Planet’ Cured My Imposter Syndrome
Come with me on an adventure with a heroic robot, a mad scientist, a spaceship captain, and our monster, imposter syndrome. Let me share how a sci-fi movie from 1956, starring Leslie Nielsen, taught me how to recognize imposter syndrome not as the monster hellbent on ruining my romance with an ever-…
Life is hard and so is learning GraphQL
Learning a new technology can be daunting. For many of us, the way we try to make sense of a new technology is through their documentation and the examples we see online. The problem with GraphQL is that - because there’s no “vanilla” GraphQL - there’s no central hub for all of the information and t…

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