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Byteconf React 2020

Byteconf React 2020

May 1, 2020 – May 2, 2020

Byteconf React is a 100% free two-day conference with the best React speakers and teachers in the world. Conferences are great, but flights, hotels, and tickets are expensive, so not everyone can go. Byteconf is streamed on YouTube, for free, so anyone and everyone can attend. RSVP to confirm your attendance, and we'll see you on May 1st and May 2nd!

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Simply React
One of the things I love about React is how easy it is to encapsulate UI codeinto a component or hook. I love this because it makes reuse of those thingseasy. But is it easy? I’ve made my fair share of components that had to accept abunch of props to handle a growing list of different use cases r…
Performant by Default, React Web Apps in 2020
Building performing React apps is hard. Like really hard. You have to know howto setup webpack, Babel, code-splitting, TypeScript, and the list goes on. Whatabout performance, eh? How about building SSR + SSG + Serverless + Offlineenabled applications? In 2020, when building React web applicatio…
A Gentle Introduction to Building Serverless Apps
Do you want to crank out features the business wants, or spend a lot of timewriting code and capacity planning for authentication, authorization, andcomplicated data access? Of course we all know the answer. In this session will begin a beginner friendly introduction to Serverlesscomputing. We w…
Beginner Pitfalls: My Personal Journey
This talk has two goals: * I’m going to openly share some of the mistakes I made and I see other beginners are making when they decide to learn how to code. (To avoid them/stop making them). This talk will be given from the point of view of someone who has been learning front-end developm…
Creating a Component Library
The task of building a component library from scratch can feel intimidating.But, if you’re willing to put in the upfront time & effort, it can result infaster and easier development, improved design and UX, and so much more. Ifyou’re considering implementing a component library, but not sure wher…
Put Down the Javascript: Level Up with the Fundamentals of Web Development
Seasoned and beginner alike, developers have a habit of jumping rightinto a framework or new technology that makes a lot of promises whilealso glazing over important fundamentals that without, tend to hold backa website or application’s potential. Without some basic knowledge ofHTML, you might i…
Static Sites and Serverless Functions - A Dynamic Combination
Static sites are growing in popularity, but many developers still question justhow powerful they can be. As it turns out, there is an entire ecosystem of addedfunctionality in the form of serverless functions. In this talk, learn how to add dynamic functionality like email, text messaging,intera…
Those Who Can Do Should Also Teach
Programmers are constantly learning new technologies, especially in the rapidlyevolving frontend ecosystem. As a result, developers often find themselves in ateaching role -- whether that means mentoring a colleague, writing blog posts,speaking at meetups, or even teaching more formally at a coll…
Concurrent React from Scratch
In this talk, we’ll create an effective mental model of Concurrent React bybuilding a tiny clone of React! We will start with a blank js file and learnabout how React renders components, schedules Time-Slicing updates with a WorkLoop, add Hooks, and end off with a mini-clone of Suspense!
Concurrent React from Scratch
In this talk, we’ll create an effective mental model of Concurrent React bybuilding a tiny clone of React! We will start with a blank js file and learnabout how React renders components, schedules Time-Slicing updates with a WorkLoop, add Hooks, and end off with a mini-clone of Suspense!
Building Scalable Web Applications with React
As the title of the talk suggests, we are going to focus on building ‘scalable’web applications using our most loved framework ReactJS. You might be a bitfascinated by the title that why I chose this one? Yeah. You are right.But there’s a problem which you might have faced as well.Did you notic…
Adding the accessibility in your React Apps
UI frameworks/libs are very good for the developer experience. We as developersare focusing on and achieving the checklist of the best web application: * Code architecture * Clean code * performance & best of everything (almost) But we are forgetting the accessibility. When was the last time y…
Power Up Gatsby with Auth!
Gatsby rose to fame as a static site generator, but it’s also an amazingplatform for building dynamic sites! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could add auser profile with access to protected data in our Gatsby app? Like Mario’s fireflower or Link’s hook shot, adding auth will power up your dynamic Ga…
Lifting state up is killing your app
Have you heard about “lifting state up”? Is it possible that one of the 12 mainconcepts listed in React official documentation might lead to poor performance?We’re going to build a simple game of “tic-tac-toe” with React. We will seewhich pitfalls it hides and when O(1) can still be slow.
From create-react-app to create-any-app
Same company, lots of teams, different technologies, developers battlingoutdated dependencies and copying scripts and configuration files all overmultiple projects? Does this sound familiar to you? At Omio, we solved this problem by building a development framework that helpsall teams bootstrap …
React Bandersnatch experiment: getting close to a real framework
React is a UI library. But what if one day it could become a framework? In this talk we’re going to explore different packages and tools to combine andcreate our ideal React framework. To make our work tidy and polished let’sinclude a good state management as well as full Typescript support. Bonu…
Speeding up your Gatsby app in a day
Make Gatsby’s “fast in every way that matters” a reality with this collection of5 quick actions to speed up a Gatsby website, featuring real-world examples,Lighthouse scores and links to code.
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