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Announcing our speakers for Byteconf JavaScript 2019

Announcing our speakers for Byteconf JavaScript 2019.

Announcing our speakers for Byteconf JavaScript 2019

I'm thrilled to announce twelve incredible speakers for Byteconf JavaScript 2019 – our first two-day conference covers the gamut of topics in the JavaScript world, such as machine learning, IoT, Node APIs, and more.

Byteconf JavaScript, like all of our conferences, is streamed online, for free, on our Twitch and YouTube channels. Taking place March 22nd and March 23rd, we're bringing together JavaScript developers from around the world to learn from an incredible set of both experienced and first-time speakers from the web development world.

Without further ado, here's the lineup for the conference.

Jason Lengstorf will intro us to the wonderful Gatsby.js framework with his talk Build Your First Portfolio Site With Gatsby.

Nicki Klein & Nick Walsh will explore the world of machine learning APIs from the browser with their talk 5 Ways to Do Machine Learning from the Browser with React.

Ado Kukic will cover best practices and implement secure authentication for single-page apps, with his talk Advanced Single Page App Authentication.

Kevin Scott will walk us through building a neural net in JavaScript with his talk Ask What AI Can Do for You.

Atishay Jain will teach us about the best new way to write asynchronous code in JavaScript with his talk Falling in love with Async/Await.

Joe Karlsson will take us on a tour of an incredibly exciting field in programming, with his talk IoT with JS (?!?!) - A Gentle Introduction to IoT.

Jen Luker will tell us about the connection between a 1956 sci-fi movie and impostor syndrome with her talk How 'Forbidden Planet' Cured My Imposter Syndrome.

Carolyn Stranksy will cover some of the biggest pain points around learning and getting started with GraphQL, with her talk Life is hard and so is learning GraphQL.

Md Shahbaz Alam will teach best practices for your backend applications, with his talk Securing Node.js APIs with JWT.

Avindra Fernando will give us a how-to on service workers with his talk Service Workers: Transforming your App into a Progressive Web Application.

Joe Previte will survey the landscape of a popular frontend topic, with his talk The Powers of CSS-in-JS.

René Winkelmeyer will give us the rundown of how to build effective web components in an enterprise context with his talk Web Components at Enterprise Scale.

Byteconf JavaScript takes place on March 22nd and 23rd, 2019. As always, you can stay up-to-date with what we have planned next for Byteconf via our mailing list – join today!

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