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Byteconf Flutter 2020

Byteconf Flutter 2020

Friday, August 14, 2020

Byteconf Flutter is a 100% free conference with the best Flutter speakers and teachers in the world. Conferences are great, but flights, hotels, and tickets are expensive, so not everyone can go. Byteconf is streamed on YouTube, for free, so anyone and everyone can attend. RSVP to confirm your attendance, and we'll see you on August 14th!

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    Join us on August 13th for a full day of free workshops, streamed for free on our YouTube channel!

    Bloc 💙 Cubit →

    There isn’t a one size fits all for state management, and recent changes in the Bloc library aim to provide developers with more tools than ever to tackle managing different types of application state in Flutter.

    Thursday, August 13th — 11:00 AM CST / 04:00 PM GMT

    Learn to soar with Flutter →

    Beginners to Flutter will learn how the basics of Flutter from their browser. Come with Codepen and leave with enough Flutter knowledge to be dangerous! 😃

    Thursday, August 13th - 12:00 PM CST / 05:00 PM GMT

    Crossplatform ² — let's make Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform friends →

    During the workshop you’ll know how to integrate Flutter application with Kotlin Multiplatform library and what benefits can you get. We’ll also look at pitfalls you probably will encounter.

    Thursday, August 13th - 01:00 PM CST / 06:00 PM GMT


    Live Flutter Q&A Panel!

    Join us before the conference for an exclusive live-streamed Q&A panel with Ken Sells, Product Manager for the Flutter team, and Valeria Durán de Ruiz, iOS Developer at RightPoint. Kristian Freeman and Ryan Edge, co-organizers for Byteconf Flutter, will be fielding questions on the live chat and Twitter.

    11:00 AM CST / 04:00 PM GMT

    Ubuntu and Flutter for Desktop →

    Canonical has been working on enabling Linux support for Flutter Desktop, which had it's first alpha release in July. I'll be talking about why we chose to invest in Flutter and discussing future plans.

    11:30 AM CST / 04:30 PM GMT

    Latest Innovation and Trends in Flutter →

    Since its release in late 2018, Flutter has become one of the fastest growing programming languages. It is projected to grow in leaps and bounds with the release of Flutter for Web. In this presentation, I will talk about latest and exciting developments in the Flutter universe.

    12:00 PM CST / 05:00 PM GMT

    Animate your Flutter application →

    Want to "Shake" up your application? Thanks to the animation system in Flutter it's really easy to create a complex animation to surprise your users! Let's dive together inside the animation options, discover the AnimatedContainer, and how to create a Login with some stunning transition effects!

    12:30 PM CST / 05:30 PM GMT

    Introducing Interactive Viewer →

    InteractiveViewer is a new Flutter widget, just launched with the 1.20.0 stable release, that enables you to quickly and easily add 2D panning and zooming to any widget tree in your app. Hear from the widget's author about the history of InteractiveViewer and how it can be used in applications from game boards to photo viewers while maintaining the performance and simplicity that Flutter is known for.

    01:00 PM CST / 06:00 PM GMT

    Endangered Language Revitalization with Flutter →

    This summer I received a funded fellowship from my university to use Flutter to work on language preservation problems I have been studying with a professor of linguistics at the university. In my talk, I will go into how I was able to leverage the wealth of features Flutter has to offer, and additionally reflect on the unique aspects of Flutter which make it so well-suited for people looking to serve social good---without or without an extensive technical background.

    01:30 PM CST / 06:30 PM GMT

    Porting your existing Android & iOS apps to Flutter! →

    In this talk we will learn the basics of Flutter so you can take your existing Android and iOS apps and port it over to Flutter. You'll learn tips and tricks and strategies you can take to get a native cross platform app in Flutter!

    02:00 PM CST / 07:00 PM GMT

    Build smart cross-platform mobile apps - Flutter & MLKit Integration →

    Do you want to build smart cross-platform apps? We will explore how to use Flutter to leverage ML Kit’s functionalities. This session explains in detail how we can train custom models using Google Cloud AutoVision API and infer the machine learning models in your mobile apps.

    02:30 PM CST / 07:30 PM GMT

    Demystifying Widgets and RenderObjects Myths →

    I'm Heritage Samuel. I will be talking about "Demystifying Widgets and RenderObjects Myths". Have you ever thought about the mystery behind Widgets and RenderObjects in Flutter ? You need to be able to customize things otherwise, why are you using a UI framework ? Anyways, it's time to demystify!

    03:00 PM CST / 08:00 PM GMT

    The new normal: bringing Null Safety to your Flutter apps →

    The tech preview for Null safety for Dart was just announced and will be available in Flutter before the end of the year. This talk will cover how to best make use of this great new language feature in your Flutter apps and when using Dart packages and Flutter plugins.

    03:30 PM CST / 08:30 PM GMT

    Flutter on Steroids with Dart Extensions methods →

    Dart's extension methods enables us to add extra functionality to existing libraries that we can't alter. Using Dart Extensions we can extend the use case of a certain Flutter component by adding a new feature.

    04:00 PM CST / 09:00 PM GMT

    GraphQL with simple State Management →

    GraphQL has a couple of Flutter implementations: One as regular class call to query and manipulate data and a Widget implementation to query directly from our Widget tree. We'll show both implementations and what's the best approach for those options and how a simple state management solution can reduce a lot of boilerplate and avoid redrawing unnecessary Widgets which can affect performance on low end devices and mobile browsers.

    04:30 PM CST / 09:30 PM GMT


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