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Building the Conference Sponsorship Feature with Gatsby, Sanity.io, and GraphQL

Building the Conference Sponsorship Feature with Gatsby, Sanity.io, and GraphQL

In a new series for the Bytesized Code channel that I'm calling Project Corner, check out my unedited process as I build new features and projects using a variety of programming tools and frameworks.

In today's edition of Project Corner, I'm building the Sponsorships section of the Bytesized website. I recently announced Byteconf GraphQL 2020 (check it out here: https://www.bytesized.xyz/graphql-2020) and in this video, I add support for showing sponsors on an event page, using GraphQL, Sanity.io, React, and Gatsby.js.

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📣 Byteconf GraphQL 2020 is a free GraphQL conference, streamed online on January 31st, 2020! RSVP to get your free ticket: https://www.bytesized.xyz/graphql-2020

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