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Building Scalable Web Applications with React
1 min read

Building Scalable Web Applications with React

As the title of the talk suggests, we are going to focus on building 'scalable' web applications using our most loved framework ReactJS. You might be a bit fascinated by the title that why I chose this one?

Yeah. You are right.
But there's a problem which you might have faced as well.
Did you notice that when you started in ReactJS you were always unclear whether to use CRA or Webpack for initial configuration?
Which library you should choose for State Management?
Which package to pick up for routing?
Do you need middle-ware or not ?

These are all questions which every new or even intermediate developer has and has never got clear answers or may be a strong opinion for any of these.

This talk focuses on that part of your thought process. How to think like a good Software Architect while being a developer? How to be more better at making solid decisions?

So, what you are waiting for?
Join me at Bytesized React 2020!

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