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Applying the science of habit formation to improve coding skills
1 min read

Applying the science of habit formation to improve coding skills

Looking to learn to code and get that first tech job, start a side project, improve your existing coding skills, master a new programming language/framework, but can’t seem to maintain momentum and motivation longer than a week or just can’t find the time?

In this talk we’ll explore practical tips and techniques of habit formation to achieve consistency and give special attention to the topic of conquering the inner demons of doubt and fear, dealing with stress and frustration. The goal is to achieve consistency of a professional over the motivational ‘seesaw’ of an amateur.

These are the topics we, as programmers, don’t talk about as often as needed and generally don’t take too seriously (since they are not ‘technical’), yet the struggle with the internal Resistance is the day to day life of any creative pursuit. As an example, it doesn’t matter how deeply you know your framework of choice or any computer science topic, if you don’t ever start working on the project you dream of building.

The more we learn to self-reflect and modify our own behaviours and habits, the more control we have over own lives and outcomes.

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