I'm thrilled to announce our speakers for Byteconf ReasonML 2018, a free ReasonML conference taking place on November 30th, 2018, streamed online via Twitch!

Byteconf ReasonML 2018 Speakers

Byteconf ReasonML 2018 is a new thing we're trying called a "microconf" - a small, one-day conference that begins in the morning and wraps up a little after lunch.

We'll be joined by four speakers from across the world to talk about ReasonML, the fairly new (and incredible) type-safe language used by teams at Facebook, Sotheby's and more.

So without further ado, here are the speakers for this year's Byteconf ReasonML!

Chris Wilson will give us an intro to ReasonML and talk about what makes it special with his talk 'X' Marks the Spot.

Mike Grabowski will detail the excellent merger of React Native and ReasonML with his talk Building mobile apps with Reason.

Sam Slotsky will tell us about his experience with building personal projects in ReasonML with his talk Strongly Typed - How I learned to finish a personal project.

Finally, Vladimir Novick returns to Byteconf to discuss a match made in heaven - ReasonML and GraphQL - with his talk Reasonable GraphQL.

Byteconf ReasonML is on November 30th, 2018. If you want to get plugged into the community before the conference, check out our Discord! We have developers from all around the world talking about programming, developer life, and more.

Finally, if your company is hiring ReasonML developers, or you want to show your product off to an active group of developers around the world, consider becoming a sponsor of the conference! You can find more details on our sponsorship page.