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Announcing our first set of speakers for our free, remote Flutter conference

Announcing our first set of speakers for our free, remote Flutter conference

Kristian Freeman and Ryan Edge here, co-organizers of Byteconf Flutter. We're super excited today to announce the speakers for Byteconf Flutter, a free live-streamed Flutter conference, taking place on August 14th, 2020!

Real quick, if you haven't heard of Byteconf ✋ it's a free developer conference series, live-streamed on YouTube 🍿

Since 2017, six Byteconfs have gone live to people around the world:

💬 Byteconf Flutter will go live on August 14th. While the talks premiere, many of our speakers will join us in the live chat for the conference – it's an awesome twist on the conference format that allows speakers to give more context to their talks, and to allow conference attendees to ask questions directly and immediately to speakers.

With today's announcement of our first set of speakers, the conference is getting into gear! If you want to attend, go to our website and RSVP for your free ticket – we'll send you an email when the conference goes live, so you won't miss it.

🎟 RSVP for Byteconf Flutter 2020 →

We're super excited to work with our speakers for Byteconf Flutter! Learn more about them below, and make sure to follow them on Twitter 🐦 For more announcements and updates on the conference, make sure to follow our account, @bytesizedcode, as well! We're super excited to hear from you, so make sure to let us know you're attending on Twitter 👍

  • Eugene Saturov (@saturovv), Flutter-lead at Surf, and Flutter Dev Podcast co-hoster.
  • Ethiel Adiassa (@enthusiastDev), Freelance Dev and Technical writer.
  • Sivamuthu Kumar (@ksivamuthu), Dev Advocate, Software Architect, Technical Advisor.
  • Kamal Shree (@whatsupcoders), Flutter/Dart/Android developer, YouTuber, speaker and mentor.
  • Faisal Abid (@FaisalAbid), Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Eirene. CTO, Google Developer Expert, Brainstation instructor.
  • Peter Simpson, junior studying philosophy and computer science at the University of Southern California.
  • Heritage Samuel Falodun (@herrytheeagle), LCA Mobile Lead "CRS"
    @andela_alc, Mobile Dev @115Garage, Curator @seeddevgroup.
  • Maksim Lin (@mklin), Android developer now working on Flutter,
    @FlutterDev @dart_lang GDE, @MelbourneGDG & @FlutterMelb co-organiser.
  • Carlo Lucera (@hat_droid), Android developer @3Rein and Technology lover @ExpFlutter ideator, Flutter and community addicted!
  • Mariano Zorrilla (@geekmz), GDE Flutter, Tech Lead @Venmo ~ Husband, Developer, Speaker ~ Flutter, Android, iOS ~ @SFXPDEV, @gdgbsas, @FlutterDevsBsAs, @EsFlutter
  • Felix Angelov (@felangelov), software engineer by day, software engineer by night. very good ventures. creator of the bloc library.

Over the next few weeks as we get closer to the conference, I'll continue to post updates on the conference – make sure to RSVP for your ticket on our website, and see you at Byteconf Flutter on August 14th!

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