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Announcing Byteconf GraphQL: a free GraphQL conference, streamed online

Announcing Byteconf GraphQL: a free GraphQL conference, streamed online

I'm super excited to announce the return of Byteconf, Bytesized Code's free live-streamed conference series.

On January 31st, join us for Byteconf GraphQL, whether you're on your couch, at your office, or wherever you may find yourself at the beginning of the new decade.

I'm thrilled to be announcing the conference today, but it wouldn't be a complete event without a great group of attendees, and of course, an incredible selection of speakers. If you're a GraphQL enthusiast, consider submitting a talk via our newly-opened Call for Papers (see the link at the end of this email) for the event – Byteconf is a great place to hone your speaking skills, and we'd love submissions from speakers of all experience levels and backgrounds.

If you're excited to attend Byteconf GraphQL, you can help us put on an amazing conference by doing two things: first, RSVP and get your ticket using the link below – we'll add you to the list for the conference and you'll be first to know when we announce new speakers and updates for the conference. Second, share it with your friends! If you're on Twitter, you can retweet our announcement post (below), or if you want to put your own spin on the event, we'd love to see your tweets and retweet them to our audience.

Interested in speaking? Check out the Byteconf GraphQL 2020 Call for Papers on Papercall.​

See you in January!

By the way, if you're interested in what Byteconf is all about, check out our past conferences – every talk from every past Byteconf is available to watch on our YouTube channel. Rad!

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