Bytesized is a software, training, and consultancy shop based out of Austin, Texas. Run by Kristian Freeman, Bytesized focuses on training developers and working with companies on great web experiences.

Bytesized organizes Byteconf, a developer community and free conference series streamed online. Byteconf brings thousands of developers to chat and learn daily about topics like React.js, GraphQL, front-end development, and more. If you're interested in reaching a huge audience of worldwide developers, check out our sponsor information.

We also build Frontend Jobs, the best job board for finding frontend jobs online. Hiring a frontend developer? Post your job on Frontend Jobs.

We train developers, bringing them from beginning steps in a new language or framework to fluency. We've worked with teams at American Express, Best Buy, Choice Hotels, and more, enabling developers to get up and running with tools like React.js, Redux, Node, and Express. We're big believers in the power of education and in-person workshops to make dev teams confident and effective in their skills, even if they're starting from stratch with a new framework or technology. Interested in booking a training session? Email us!

"The React Training with our team was very informative and detail oriented. It was a great learning experience for the team, and helped them level up in React. We would love to have some future sessions as well!" - Amit Patra, IntraEdge

We offer training in a number of different languages, frameworks, and tools, but here's what we're most passionate about (and what we find the most exciting):

  • JavaScript
  • React.js
  • Redux
  • Node
  • Express

Do you have a software team ready to level up in any of these topics? Send us an email - we'd love to work with you!

Bytesized also specializes in building great software with Ruby on Rails, React.js, and JavaScript.That being said, we're tech-agnostic: we keep an ear to the ground on what's new and effective, and are careful to pick the right tool for the job.